23 Sep 2022
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Where is Your Supply Chain's Vanishing Point?


In a survey this month by the National Association of Manufacturers, 78% of members say supply chain disruptions are now their primary business challenge. And yes, there was more unhappy news:

  • 76% said raw material costs were rising
  • 76% are having labor shortages
  • 40% said inflationary pressures have gotten worse over the preceding six months
  • And just 11% believe things will get better by the year’s end

Here’s some good news. McKinsey & Company released results last month from their survey “Taking the Pulse of Shifting Supply Chains.” Supply chain leaders who increased end-to-end supply chain visibility were two times as likely to report no challenges from 2022 supply chain disruptions.

The McKinsey survey goes on to report that supply chain managers are turning to the kind of visibility solutions that ACSIS has been delivering and perfecting for years. But it also found those positive results begin to vanish as managers looked deeper into their supply chain partner tiers. Just 17% of supply chain managers said they had a good picture of their supply chains to the third tier or beyond. And for industries with more complex supply chains, that percentage dropped as low as 9%.

Visibility solutions are a slam dunk win for supply chain managers, especially in such perilous times. They’re now a fundamental element that must be forged into every link. But too many supply chains contain a vanishing point where visibility fades to black.

Let’s put one more percentage on the table: 100%. That’s the ACSIS standard for supply chain visibility, and it includes your entire supply chain: suppliers, transporters, warehouses, distribution centers, and every other partner who forms a link in your chain.

ACSIS uses cloud-native technology to gather data from every device in your supply chain ecosystem — including those that monitor components, products, and packaging – and harvest this data in the cloud where actionable analytics are applied through artificial intelligence. Supply chains with 100% visibility from ACSIS are hyper-efficient, and deliver on the full promise of digital transformation.

We can get you started with quick and simple steps such as the tracking and tracing of returnable transport items, or the serialization of components, products, and packaging. Or we can implement a partner solution that democratizes visibility with a simple browser interface.

Let’s talk. Show us your vanishing point, and ACSIS will provide a solution.