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ACSIS is an active member of AIM, the global industry association that connects, standardizes, and advances automatic identification technologies.

ACSIS is an active member of ASUG along with its more than 100,000 individuals (SAP Americas’ customers, certified and non-certified SAP partners, independent consultants.

The ACSIS partnership with Cognex combines leadership in machine vision systems, software and sensors with the ACSIS cloud solutions for excellence in inspection, part identification and assembly verification.

Cryptowerk Horizon is a cloud service that confirms the integrity of business data at massive scale, leveraging blockchain technology. Using Cryptowerk Horizon, customers can seal up to one million digital assets per second in multiple blockchains, accelerating data compliance processes while reducing costs.

The ACSIS partnership with Honeywell leverages the Honeywell Mobility Edge™ platform delivering cloud traceability solutions coupled with modern device capabilities for superior operating performance in your extended supply chain.

 Impinj uses RAIN RFID to wirelessly connect everyday items to the internet, delivering digital life to the physical world. Impinj is helping companies around the world increase sales, improve efficiencies, and deliver compelling experiences.

ACSIS is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network using their premiere cloud platform, Azure, to deliver Cloud-Native solutions to organizations for greater agility, resilience, and portability across the supply chain ecosystem
ACSIS has been a partner with SAP for over 20 years, enhancing your investments in SAP applications with 24×7 intelligent edge traceability solutions across your extended supply chain.

ACSIS has partnered with SpotSee to integrate their innovative ShockWatch RFID tags into the ACSIS end-to-end traceability solutions. ShockWatch tags are field armable, tamperproof, and turn red when an impact beyond a specific g-force threshold has occurred. Because they can be read remotely, they do not require line of site, and therefore can be placed inside a box, crate, or package.

ACSIS has partnered with Velociti to ensure that the technology required for our cloud based solutions are deployed correctly, professionally and rapidly to fully leverage and maximize our customer’s satisfaction and ROI.

The ACSIS partnership with Zebra combines Zebra’s real-time location tracking devices and barcode printing solutions with domain expertise in supply chain execution solutions to solve unique problems and bring value through personalized offerings.

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