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Safety, sustainability, and social responsibility – managing beverage supply chains has never been more challenging. Amid rising costs and continuous disruption, companies face laser-like scrutiny – not just from regulators, but increasingly consumers. Staying out in front, while ticking all the boxes, requires nothing less than total traceability.

and safety

Ensuring quality and safety is the top priority for all beverage firms. Preventing spoilage, contamination, and counterfeit goods – and managing recalls when things go wrong – demands detailed forward and backward traceability.


Beverage firms face increasing regulation, most recently new requirements for traceability record keeping (FSMA 204). As of January 2026, firms handling high-risk foods will need to keep detailed records of critical supply chain data.

and transparency

Today’s socially conscious consumers expect more from their drink, not just in terms of quality and the impact on their health. Winning consumer trust demands complete transparency and detailed information on a product’s origin and provenance.

chain fragility

The beverage supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Unseen pitfalls can spark a chain of adverse events that impact quality, efficiency, and compliance. Real-time visibility is key to mitigating risk and heading off issues before they become a problem.

A fresh take on traceability based on 25+ years of industry experience

We have been supporting leading beverage firms for over 25 years, taking their supply chains to new heights of visibility. Our cloud-based solutions take traceability full circle, integrating shopfloor data with any ERP system. No matter which way you look – up or down the supply chain – you get real-time, granular, and actionable insights.

Why is traceability essential for your business?

With our Supply Chain Visibility Solutions, you can achieve complete digital traceability – both forward and backward at the item level. Using RFID and other data collection technologies, we help you to identify every item in your supply chain – from ingredients and finished products to the containers that transport them. With every item tagged, our automated solutions capture real-time data from any device and seamlessly integrate it with any business system. We ensure your data is useful, shareable, and interoperable, so that everyone in your supply chain is reading from the same page.


Uncover inefficiencies and get actionable insights into how to make things better. Streamline processes, optimize inventory, and minimize waste, enhancing planning with predictive analytics.


Comply with increasingly rigorous traceability regulations e.g., FSMA 204. Enhance safety, quality, and sustainability with a fully digital and traceable supply chain.

your reputation

Satisfy increasing consumer appetite for socially responsible supply chains with complete transparency across the product lifecycle. Build trust in the safety, quality, and ethics of your products.


Minimize waste across the product lifecycle and maximize reuse of your returnable transport items. Comply with emerging ESG standards and inspire consumer trust in your sustainability credentials.

Tag every ingredient, product, and container in your supply chain with unique identifiers, so you know the who, what, and where of every single item.

Use data collection technologies such as RFID to capture critical tracking events in the production and shipping of beverage items. Record key data elements and granular context data to achieve complete traceability.

Leverage our Cloud Platform to store key data elements. Easily access and analyze data to make better business decisions and satisfy compliance.

Share your data in a format that suits each stakeholder best, while observing recognized industry standards. Adopt an open, flexible, multi-modal approach using, for example, a combination of barcodes, QR codes, and RFID.