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Uncertainty is the norm for today’s chemical producers. Resource scarcity, price volatility, and changing consumer expectations make managing the chemical supply chain all the more challenging. To keep inventories moving safely and efficiently, while fully exploiting growth, companies need to know what’s happening in the supply chain. At the same time, firms are under pressure to make new strides toward a circular supply chain. Managing this complex set of priorities with efficiency and agility requires a whole new level of supply chain visibility.

chain volatility

Geopolitics, regulatory pressures, and extreme weather events continue to disrupt the chemical supply chain. Moving fast to manage disruption, or heading it off at the pass, requires real-time visibility across the extended supply chain.


Chemical companies are having to move faster to stay ahead of the competition. Real-time visibility of what’s happening in the supply chain gives firms the agility to adapt business models and priorities – and react faster to changing market dynamics.

and efficiency

Making profitability sustainable – and sustainability profitable – requires new levels of operational insight. Granular visibility is key to uncovering inefficient and unsustainable practices, as you track products and assets across the extended supply chain.

and compliance

Ensuring safe practices and proper handling of hazardous materials requires item-level traceability across the product life cycle. Gaps in visibility make compliance a growing challenge, as the regulatory landscape expands and increases in complexity.

Next-gen product and asset traceability

ACSIS has been working with leading chemical producers for over two decades. Our automated labeling and traceability solutions help companies track their products and returnable assets across the entire supply chain partner network. With greater insight comes better execution and control – and a clearer route to a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.

Why is traceability essential for your business?

With ACSIS, you get a complete, cloud-based traceability platform that integrates seamlessly with both yours and your partners’ business systems. Digitized labeling and automated data capture help you track products in the most efficient way possible, integrating real-time data from every supply chain touchpoint. Returnable assets are monitored in the same way, providing a complete picture of their location and performance. Powerful analytics deliver the insights you need to respond in the best way to changing business conditions. 

All of this comes packaged in an easy-to-implement solution that can be easily personalized to your specific business needs.


Uncover inefficiencies and optimize costs based on reliable, real-time data-driven insights. Manage volatility with more certainty and efficiency with end-to-end supply chain visibility.


Fulfil ESG commitments with a more connected, transparent, and circular supply chain. Maximize reuse of returnable transport items, reducing waste and costs across the wider supply chain.



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