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Data Collection
& Digitalization

See your supply chain through the eyes of your products. Monitor location, KPIs, and item-level attributes.

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Keep your products in full view across the extended supply chain, integrating and sharing data with external partners.

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Returnable Transport Items

Asset Management

Track your RTIs the same way as you do your products to reduce costs and improve sustainability.

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Know where your products and RTIs are at every point in their journey

With DIAMIND Supply Chain Solutions, you never lose sight of your products – and you can keep equally close tabs on your returnable transport items (RTIs). Track products and assets at the item level, monitoring and optimizing their journey through the supply chain.

Leverage our Cloud Platform and embedded analytics to unlock data-driven insights, so you know what’s working well – and critically what isn’t. Take rapid remedial action, or head off issues at the pass, with complete confidence in the accuracy of your data. Drive a step change in efficiency and sustainability with a better connected and more intelligent supply chain.

2-Pre-configured to your industry

Pre-configured to your industry

2-Easily adaptable to business needs

Easily adaptable to business needs

End-to-end traceability down to the item level

End-to-end traceability down to the item level

Ease of integration with ERP and IT systems

Ease of integration with ERP and IT systems

2-Actionable analytics and IoT connectivity

Actionable analytics and IoT connectivity

Cover all the bases with end-to-end granular visibility

With DIAMIND Supply Chain solutions, visibility goes deep, delivering incredible levels of data granularity. Real-time analytics and IoT technologies join the dots between vast volumes of data. Our Cloud Platform ensures integration is seamless with both your existing IT systems and partner ecosystem. Total visibility across the breadth and depth of the supply chain enables better decisions, greater agility, and better customer experiences.

Build a better connected and smarter supply chain

All DIAMIND Supply Chain solutions are powered by the ACSIS Cloud Platform. Gateway to a more intelligent, and collaborative supply chain, the platform leverages a combination of cutting-edge technologies.

“We chose the ACSIS technology because they offered a more efficient and more reliable data collection solution that: Assured seamless integration with the new SAP platform; Allowed operations when the SAP system or the network was unavailable; Provided a store and forward platform to manage the data until the SAP service was available; and could be leveraged easily and cost-effectively at each of the division’s other plants.”

Polyester Film Manufacturer

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