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Pharmaceutical firms are no strangers to regulatory scrutiny. From drug development to patient application, there’s little room for error in the life sciences supply chain. But ensuring quality and compliance, while controlling costs, demands a whole new level of product traceability. Mandated serialization has already transformed the pharma supply chain, but companies are now under pressure to take things further – and achieve total traceability at the unit level.

Countdown to DSCSA compliance!

The clock is ticking on a decade-long regulatory deadline – the final stage of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). As of 27 November 2024, companies need to ensure that their products are serialized and traceable at the individual package level. Firms that don’t comply risk significant penalties and disruption. Distributors can’t legally accept non-compliant products and pharmacies can’t receive them or dispense them to the patient. With the risks this high, non-compliance is not an option, but many companies are still struggling to effectively capture and share data across the wider supply chain.

Traceability at the edge – tailormade solution for life sciences firms

ACSIS has been helping life sciences firms embrace serialization technology for over two decades. Our cloud-based traceability platform captures, integrates, and analyzes real-time data on the edge, delivering item-level traceability across the entire supply chain. We help you transform processes and protocols, driving seamless collaboration with your trading partners. The perfect antidote for today’s compliance challenges, our intelligent, automated solutions deliver on DSCSA requirements for a fully digital and serialized drug supply chain. The rewards of visibility also extend beyond compliance, helping you keep your business lean and uncover hidden value. We can also apply the same granular traceability to the returnable totes that transport your products, driving dramatic gains in efficiency and sustainability.

Why is traceability essential for your business?


Simplify and accelerate global compliance with traceability requirements. Digitally verify product quality and authenticity, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and disruption to the supply chain.


Expose inefficiencies and find new ways to add value with an unobstructed view up and down the supply chain. Streamline processes and synchronize data to drive new gains in accuracy and efficiency.


ACSIS solutions are designed to deliver unit-level traceability across the product journey from manufacturer to patient. We help you serialize products at the package level – and verify and share data across the extended supply chain. With ACSIS, you get a complete software and hardware solution that’s fast to deploy and integration-friendly. Integrate once to become interoperable with partner systems and ensure you’re singing from the same digital song sheet. Our scalable cloud architecture supports high-volume data exchange, easing the transition from tracking lots to individual products. All of this comes packaged in an industry-specific solution that still leaves room for your own personalization.



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