08 Feb 2022
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When Supply Chain Managers Save the World

When Supply Chain Managers Save the World

Face it: our supply chains are hungry for natural resources. They consume vast amounts of packaging and shipping components. They burn fuel in trucks, aircraft, and ships. They generate by products and waste products. But as supply chain managers understand, we can minimize these environmental challenges by taking decisive resource management steps towards a circular, or sustainable, supply chain.

At ACSIS, we believe a sustainable supply chain is a visible one.

Linear supply chains were spawned by linear economies, where growth and progress were only imagined in straight lines. This thinking got us through multiple industrial revolutions – but at what cost? As materials management, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution have scaled upward and outward, the costs have been mounting. And now the impact on our planet – our seas, our potable water, our air, our earth – is all too visible.

100% supply chain visibility is a cornerstone of the foundation that every company and supply chain manager will need to achieve progress towards sustainability.

In our new white paper entitled, Save Our Supply Chains. And the World., we share our latest thinking and:

  • The three basic principles of circular supply chains
  • The first step on your pathway to circularity
  • Benefits you can expect to receive – over and above those to our environment

And there’s more. Have you got about 15 minutes? Listen to our podcast on sustainability and the circular supply chain with Bridgette McAdoo, Global Sustainability Officer for Genesys, and host and industry expert Bill Wohl at this LINK. (We’ve got a whole series on supply chain visibility topics, so you may want to browse our series HERE.)

We know you’re thinking of this already. And we know you care. ACSIS is ready to help by working with you to establish that necessary footing towards a sustainable, circular supply chain.