07 Jun 2022
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Sustainability: Easier & Bigger than it Looks


Everyone wins with sustainability. It improves your supply chains, so they operate more efficiently, and it’s good for our planet as less waste is returned to the environment. But it’s also a win – and a potentially massive one – for your organization’s shareholders.

Seen through an investor’s lens, sustainability is part of ESG: Environmental, Social & Governance. And it’s one of the hottest things in the investment world. ESG includes strictly measurable criteria that allow investors to understand and value how a given investment is delivering on ESG goals. And favorable ESG ratings, such as those earned by companies with more sustainable supply chains, add value directly to your company’s shareholders through enhanced valuation.

Fortunately, unlocking this value is likely easier than you realize. There are simple ways to add big value to your supply chain. And they begin with your data.

While supply chain systems focus on the data needed for transactions, data can be harvested at every stage of the supply chain, from the partners who provide raw materials or components, through manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and shipping – and potentially beyond through product sales and consumption.

Big data spells big value. But that doesn’t have to imply big cost and complexity.

ACSIS equips and enables a simple and powerful sustainability solution that delivers tremendous added value. And at its heart are two humble items:

  1. Returnable assets: boxes, pallets, totes, trolleys, canisters, drums, trays, and every other form factor imaginable
  2. RFID tags: tiny wafers of silicon, conductive metal, and paper with the power to track every returnable asset with unerring precision

Take the two of them together and you get alchemy: a returnable asset management solution. It can tell you where your items are, what condition they’re in, where they’re going, when they’ll arrive, and when you’re at risk of shortages, delays, surplus or other conditions that will empower better decision making and superior supply chain efficiency. And, through enhanced sustainability, your returnable asset can turn big data into big value. How big?

“There’s no hotter area on Wall Street than ESG with sustainability-focused funds nearing $2 trillion” – say the reporters at CNBC.

If you aren’t using returnable assets today, give us a call. You may have more to gain than you realize.