16 Nov 2022
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Speeding the Pace of Supply Chain Innovation


Pack Expo saw nearly 45,000 attendees flock to Chicago last month for an incredible array of cutting edge technologies. Every aspect of packaging and shipping was present, from pharmaceuticals to food to industrial items.

Of special interest to us was the West Building of McCormick Place where a large part of the exhibit floor was devoted to reusable and returnable packaging. Some 50 exhibitors were present at the Returnable Packaging Association Pavilion and Learning Center, and we had great conversations with many knowledgeable supply chain professionals. Here are just two of the things the visitors we spoke to were buzzing about.

Solutions that integrate item-level data from all throughout the supply chain with existing back office software to deliver enhanced value.

Many visitors were specifically researching returnable packaging technologies that could address their corporate sustainability goals while also reducing costs.

While everyone was intrigued by the potential value all around us at the Pavilion, the professionals we spoke to were also realists. They know that every point solution, however attractive, must be implemented and integrated, its data analyzed and acted upon, before value can be obtained. Indeed, the need to harvest point solution data source can seriously constrain the pace of supply chain innovation. And that can mean missed opportunities to reduce costs.

How can ACSIS help? Each point solution delivers value through data: actionable data that informs cost reducing, waste eliminating, and process accelerating decisions. ACSIS integrates data to support business intelligence. We’ll provide in-depth, granular, contextual information from any point solution from the ACSIS cloud. ACSIS then integrates that data, enabling in-depth, advanced analytics for fast and confident decision making.

We’ll also help you become a better corporate citizen by providing optimized solutions for returnable assets that reduce material consumption and improve the environment.

Supply chains are inherently complex and one vendor can’t do it all. But one vendor can help you benefit from them all — and doing so can be easy. Visit our landing page to learn more.