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Chemical Industry


Optimize Your Extended Supply Chain for Superior Performance

In an industry like yours, where processes and materials are spread across a global network of plants and partners, complexity is the norm. To meet rigorous compliance regulations and operate at peak efficiency, you need real-time traceability of your products and assets across the extended supply chain. ACSIS solutions drive more value through transparency, collaboration, and actionable insight.

Source, Process, Analyze and Update

ACSIS Cloud Solutions for the Intelligent Supply Chain deliver the most effective way for chemical manufacturers to manage their operating ecosystems.

What You Can Expect

  • Complete traceability, from raw material to delivered product for better visibility and more efficient processes
  • Real-time communication with your partner network for managing supplier risk
  • Powerful data collection, labeling, and serialization capabilities for superb asset control


 “The implementation of the ACSIS Visibility Platform significantly improved accuracy and error rates which increased customer satisfaction. As a result, DuPont gained market share and increased gross cash flow by 28 percent in the year the solution went live.”

 — DuPont Protection Technologies



Supply Chain Strategy for Superior Performance

Your world is highly regulated and complex, with requirements that cross regions, production facilities, logistics providers, and a complex partner ecosystem. Managing your supply chain more efficiently requires real end-to-end visibility to identify inefficiencies, eliminate theft and counterfeiting, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve relationships with your stakeholders.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Traceability

ACSIS Cloud Solutions for the Intelligent Supply Chain help pharmaceutical companies like yours capture complete information about every transaction—from manufacturing to distribution. We help companies accelerate the path to compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and streamline serialization, data collection, and management.

What You Can Expect

  • Serialization solutions to trace products across the full supply chain from pallet to pack to vial
  • Fully-serialized processes to meet DSCSA mandates for traceability
  • Connectivity to EPCIS providers and integration with legacy management systems
  • Full capture, tracking, aggregation and disaggregation of serialized and non-serialized data


“ACSIS was able to offer us all of the tracking capabilities we were looking for within a web-based format, making it very easy to get the system up and running and leaving us with very little maintenance.”

—Supply Chain
Vice President

Industrial Manufacturing


Manage Supply Chain Volatility

You’re working hard to address new market pressures to deliver innovative products faster. But that means your supply chain is growing increasingly complex. Smart companies seeking ways to deliver better customer experiences while controlling costs and growing revenues are adopting better ways to manage supply chain volatility.

The Intelligent Supply Chain

The answer isn’t making the supply chain less complex, but using data more intelligently to collaborate with partners, improve inventory management, and manage every touchpoint across a multi-tiered supply network.

With a better way to trace and track product data as it moves through the supply network, ACSIS Cloud Solutions for the Intelligent Supply Chain help organizations realize end-to-end visibility to reduce costs, make smarter decisions, and respond more quickly to rising customer demands.

What You Can Expect

  • Reduce inventory and labor costs by optimizing processes across your manufacturing and distribution network
  • Improve collaboration across your supply chain with real-time integration
  • Make decisions using up-to-the-minute data
  • Reduce on-boarding costs for new partners


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