27 Jul 2022
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Does Walmart’s mandate matter? 230,000,000 customers say, “Yes!”

Does Walmart’s mandate matter? 230,000,000 customers say

If you have product headed for Walmart’s distribution centers (or would like to), the rules are about to change. Walmart has mandated that many goods headed for its shelves must be RFID tagged no later than September 2. And to meet that “in stock” date, tagging must be in place by August 17.

If your company is preparing now to meet the Walmart initiative, ACSIS recently recorded podcasts with two professionals from our partner Zebra Technologies that can help.

Kelly Breneisen, Regional Portfolio Manager, and Michael Fein, Senior Manager of Product Management, both of Zebra Technologies – together with John DiPalo, Chief Strategy Officer of ACSIS – share practical guidance for meeting the Walmart mandate in ways that won’t break the bank. With RFID tags as low as 5 or 7 cents each, you stand to gain some significant ROI – not to mention the direct cash value of access to the 230,000,000 Americans who visit Walmart stores each and every week.

And there’s more. Together with our Zebra Technologies partners, our John DiPalo dives into other benefits you can gain from a truly granular look at the movement of parts and finished goods throughout your supply chain. In other words, RFID tagging isn’t just about meeting Walmart’s mandate, it’s about getting the most efficiency and value from your supply chain – no matter who and where your buyers are.

Listen to our two-part podcast series on Walmart – two entries in the long running ACSIS podcast series, Supply Chain Visibility Stories.

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