15 Oct 2021

Where Do We Start? How to find the next best step in your supply chain journey

Where Do We Start? How to find the next best step in your supply chain journey

ACSIS is conducting a Supply Chain Visibility podcast series hosted by Bill Wohl, a veteran of the technology sector with many years in enterprise software, including SAP. The latest podcast, #5 in the series, features a discussion with John DiPalo, Chief Strategy Officer of ACSIS.

As the science of supply chains has advanced, there are tremendous opportunities for supply chain optimizations, and the opportunity for quantum improvements that can pay major dividends to supply chain managers. But where to start? How do you define that next best step in uncovering more value from your supply chain?

This is the question John and Bill tackle in a discussion that covers business process, including real-life examples from John’s years of visiting manufacturing and distribution sites for some of the world’s greatest companies. You’ll learn about the real difference visibility can make, how external processes can impact internal supply chain processes, and the skill sets that need to be present on any supply chain improvement team.

Above all, John urges that – when supply problems occur, each should be viewed holistically, for opportunities to introduce a new, foundational improvement that can have even greater impact than a point solution for a local problem.

Tune in to this and other sessions in the ACSIS Supply Chain Visibility Stories podcast. They’re brief. They’re penetrating. And they’ll provide insights that can make a difference.