01 Nov 2021

When the Answer Really is Right in Front of You

When the Answer Really is Right in Front of You

A leading producer of food products had a conundrum: how could they track a food product during its processing stages – when the product itself must be in a raw and unpackaged state?

It’s an important question. Without precise and accurate data communicating product volume and velocity during production stages, the company was simply unable to make accurate forecasts. While it was easy to say “yes” to production demands, all too often the result was a furious scramble on the production line as delays, bottlenecks, and other issues put key product deadlines at risk.

They were also working with an ERP system that, like ERP systems everywhere, simply wasn’t designed to gather data from products and edge devices.

ACSIS walked the production line with them. To our experienced eyes, the solution was so simple we could have stumbled over it: totes. While the product itself couldn’t be serialized during its production stages, the numerous specialized totes bearing product throughout its production journey could be. And there were totes aplenty, of different sizes and configurations, moving product along the line with underappreciated grace.

By capturing data from the totes bearing product, ACSIS was able to collect precise and detailed product data, including product location and weight, at every stage of production. We also aggregated the data and integrated it seamlessly with their ERP system where forecasts could be made accurately.

And that brought us, not just a happy customer, but a happy ending to this Cinderella story.