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Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) – The Challenge

Corporations are faced on a daily basis with many complex diverse issues, but very few business issues are more visible to the general public than the largely negative news related to supply chain delivery problems and the impact on the environment of single-use supply chain packaging and transport items.

In response to today’s growing environmental crisis created by single-use supply chain packaging as well as the need for increased supply chain efficiency, many businesses have started eliminating single-use packaging by introducing returnable transport items (RTIs), such as totes, baskets, trays, crates, cylinders, containers, and others.

RTIs enable the safe, secure, and efficient transport of goods and materials–some of them highly volatile and costly. But with RTI fleets in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions how do companies track and maintain RTIs across a complex supply chain so they can be easily returned, redeployed, or recalled? Very often 20-30% of these items are lost, stolen, misplaced, or damaged. Depending on the scale of operations, the cost to replace these items can run into millions of dollars.

15% to 30%

Of costly returnable assets each year: trays, totes, pallets, containers, canisters, cylinders, cages, and many more. They are vital for an efficient and sustainable supply chain, yet too often manual spreadsheets and homegrown databasesare used to track them. Automated tracking in the cloud is easy yields tremendous gains in supply chain efficiency.

$1.5 Billon

Anual cost to replace stolenor missing reusable shipping containers in USA1.

1AMR Research

Leading US baking company is using ACSIS to improve supply chain efficiency and sustainability.

100% visibility of returnable transport items with RFID technology

ACSIS is a leader in the automated tracking and tracing of your supply chain and everything in it – including your returnable transport items.

We use custom RFID tags, barcodes, and scanning devices to serialize, track, and trace each returnable transport item, so the company knows where all these items are 24/7, and can make sure they’re returned for continuous use within its supply chain.

With our solutions, you can:

Track RTIs across the extended supply chain in real time for accurate asset inventories

Manage the status of assets to ensure compliance and efficiency

Manage the status of assets to ensure compliance and efficiency

Ensure proper maintenance and inspection of your RTIs

Predict demand for better planning and improved customer service

Understand how facilities are performing overall

Enhance sustainability and meet ESG targets

How We Manage Returnable Transport Item

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Key Improvements

15 – 20%

Reduction in annual replacement costs

15 – 20%

Decrease in asset pool required through optimization


Compliance with sustainability initiatives and emerging Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Standards


Returnable asset visibility

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As returnable assets move through the supply chain and are scanned, deviations in contextual data, such as temperature or stability readings, can trigger an automated alert to the manufacturer.


With ACSIS, a smarter supply chain means a better, more competitive and profitable company. Find out how ACSIS can work for you.

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