11 Aug 2021

Growing or splitting? It’s still about data.

Growing or splitting? It’s still about data.

Mergers and acquisitions are ripe opportunities for data flow interruption.

The joining or separating of two (or more) business entities can be challenging enough. But M&A also means joining or separating supply chain operations and supply chain data.

When companies relied on enterprise systems to automate supply chain functions, M&As wreaked havoc as supply chain managers struggled to map the flow of data in and out of often disparate, stove-piped systems. This problem can be particularly acute in a merger when not only separate systems, but different application environments are present.

But times are different now – or can be – thanks to digital transformation and innovation from companies like us. Yes, ACSIS has committed itself to making 100% of supply chain data visible. We do this by taking your data out of enterprise systems and placing it securely in the cloud where all data can be accessed. The ACSIS Cloud can provide the information needed for full supply chain visibility across all business systems, existing and new.

We then go a leap beyond this by gathering data from your edge devices, too. By edge devices, we include every product that moves through your supply chain, as well as component parts, packaging, and shipping materials. Every physical item in your supply chain can yield data about location, velocity, and even condition. And all of it can be gathered in the cloud for harvesting.

How can this help you in an M&A? Just being able to see your data – all of it – makes you better prepared for the flow mapping that needs to take place. And ACSIS 100% supply chain visibility makes this happen.