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If an item can be serialized, it can be tracked. And ACSIS customers with serialized items are doing some serious tracking – up to billions of items per year are tracked through their supply chains, and trackable items include just about everything imaginable. Uniforms, mops, sweetener packages, gas canisters, bakery delivery trays – the list is extraordinary.

But what they’re really tracking is data.

Consider: the motion of serialized items through a supply chain, whether component parts or finished products, generates vast amounts of data at each stage of its journey. This data enables a company to unlock powerful predictive analytics and decision making, as well as optimizing for peak productivity in real time.

  • Chemical company can recall chemical products by specific batches, saving millions of dollars.
  • Uniform company is tracking 280,000,000 serialized items in 250 locations with full redundancy and ¼ second response time.
  • Pharma company distributes 400,000 medical devices to hospitals with 100% visibility.
  • Crop products company with 100,000 movements per month connected 125 partners to its supply chain and increased gross cash flow 28%.
  • Food & beverage company ships 50,000,000 sweetener packs every day with 100% accurate data.

With serialization and essentially unlimited tracking, supply chains become incredibly rich sources of data that can help you discern patterns and trends that can better inform decisions, respond with speed and agility to supply chain disruptions, and even demonstrate the strength and resilience of your supply chain partners.

ACSIS can help you understand your supply chains at virtually the atomic level. Our ability to track your supply chain from end to end, including your partners’ contributions, is unlimited. What would you do with 100% supply chain visibility?

What are you tracking?