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It starts now. ACSIS has joined forces with Avery Dennison to bring supply chain visibility on a vastly wider scale through a new partnership forged between our two companies. We’ll be building more agile and responsive supply chains by leveraging Avery Dennison’s just announced atma.io connected product cloud.

What does this mean for supply chain leaders and managers in everyday terms? We’re providing an easy way to:

  1. Serialize every item in your supply chain.
  2. Track those items at every step throughout the supply chain lifecycle.
  3. Leverage that vast, new pool of data to spot trends, improve performance, predict opportunities, and more quickly respond to disruptions.

At ACSIS, we’ve always been relentlessly focused on widening the scale of possibilities with supply chain data. Now, together with our partner Avery Dennison, we’re raising the bar for what supply chain excellence really implies.

Yes, there’s much more to write about this. But let this serve as the starting gun for something truly awesome. Check back soon for more.