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How Smart Is Your Supply Chain?

We’re helping organizations like yours thrive with responsive, agile, and innovative information to run your digital supply chain.

ACSIS Visibility Solutions connect local, regional, and global networks for a real-time view across the supply chain. We help you transform data from edge devices, legacy systems, and new technologies into the actionable insights for more strategic decision-making, new efficiencies, and higher levels of service.

Visibility across the Extended Supply Chain


For end-to-end product visibility that helps your business master supply and deliver superior customer experiences.

Partner Connectivity

To connect partners across your operating ecosystem for a more transparent and agile supply chain.

Label Management

For dynamic, on-demand label execution and governance at all points across your supply chain.


To enable true visibility capabilities, comply with industry regulations, manage recalls more effectively and control counterfeiting.

ACSIS Cloud Platform

For connecting local, regional, and global operations for a real-time view across the supply chain.

See how we can improve your supply chain efficiencies, provide additional visibility and enhance your company’s profitability.


Get Your Supply Chain Under Control

In a world dominated by lean inventory practices, volatile demand, and a growing focus on risk mitigation, organizations are seeking better ways to understand–and control–how products and assets move across the extended supply chain.

With the ACSIS Visibility Solutions you can track assets at any point in the supply chain. With our cloud-based solution, you can exchange data with partners and suppliers in real time for complete end-to-end visibility.

Deliver end-to-end insight:

  • Automated visibility across your multi-partner ecosystem to ensure regulatory compliance, improve public safety, and build a more sustainable environment
  • Leverage the cloud to exchange data about products and returnable assets in real-time to improve speed, scalability, and performance.
  • Actionable analytics to ensure issues in production do not become problems.

ACSIS was selected because the end-to-end solution proposed offered a more efficient and more reliable data collection solution that: Assured seamless integration with the new SAP platform; Allowed operations when the SAP system or the wide area network was unavailable; Provided a store and forward platform to manage the data until the SAP service was available; and could be leveraged easily and cost-effectively at each of the division’s other plants.

– Polyester Film Manufacturer

Next Generation Tracking for Returnable Transport Items

Optimize your Supply Chain with Integrated RTI Visibility

Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) play a critical role in your supply chain operations–enabling the safe, secure, and efficient transport of goods and materials–some of them highly volatile and costly. 


Today’s RTI assets have an estimated annual shrink rate of 25%.

With RTI fleets in the thousands–even millions–how do you track and maintain items across a complex supply chain so that they can be easily returned, redeployed, or recalled?

Visibility solutions from ACSIS can help extend your ERP system give access to customers, partners and other third-parties to information about the RTI assets in their control.

ACSIS solutions provide real-time connectivity across your extended supply chain, integrate RFID and pen marker technologies, and delivering insightful analytics for optimized understanding production, inventory, and maintenance. requirements.

With solutions from ACSIS, you can:

  • Track RTIs across the extended supply chain in real time for accurate asset inventories
  • Manage the status of assets to ensure compliance and efficiency
  • Control shrinkage with better asset visibility
  • Ensure proper maintenance and inspection of your RTI assets
  • Predict demand for better planning and improved customer service
  • Understand how facilities are performing overall

Partner Connectivity

Deliver a Seamless Partner Network

Your business depends on your partners. Your customers depend on you. For your partners to deliver great customer experiences, they need to align seamlessly with your priorities, standards, and processes. But without the insight you need to respond quickly to shifting demands, you and your partners can miss the mark–and those mistakes can be costly.

ACSIS Partner Connectivity leverages the cloud to connect partners with timely access to the information they need to deliver to the highest standards. With real-time visibility and integration, partners can work better to manage demand, communicate consistently, and collaborate more effectively.

Build a more robust partner network:

  • Maintain common enterprise standards with up-to-minute production monitoring, consistent serialization data, and more uniform product labeling
  • Support real-time supply chain decision by eliminating time lags
  • Source trustworthy data directly from partners for better insight
  • Make decisions based on complete data and not fragmented or outdated information

ACSIS Partner Management connected over 125 value-add partners to the DuPont SAP system to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility with the use of a simple, menu-driven web-based interface.

– DuPont Protection Technologies

Intelligent Label Management

Transform Your Labeling Strategy

Labels are getting smarter. The smartest can improve how fast, how accurately, and how reliably your products and assets move across the extended supply chain. With embedded intelligence, labels can do more than identify what’s in the box–they can help organizations speed delivery, control inventory, meet rigorous compliance standards, and monitor and analyze performance across the supply chain.

ACSIS Intelligent Label Management delivers next-generation capabilities to your enterprise and its extended supplier network. You can transform your labeling strategy by putting the power of label execution into the hands of your suppliers and still retain governance and control. The result? Streamlined processes, decreased time-to-market, consistent label usage.

Label management for the intelligent supply chain:

  • Centralize label governance
  • Deliver labeling capabilities to partners through the cloud
  • Monitor and report on performance and compliance through integrated analytics
  • Deliver the right labels to the right printers and verify label accuracy

“We were able to establish an enterprise label governance program the supports accurate, high-volume label output. The cloud based high availability eliminated costly downtime and expedited deliveries. The results were compliance with enterprise, customer and regulatory labeling requirements as well as improved product traceability.”

– Global Chemical Manufacturer


Organizations adopt serialized data for lots of reasons: to comply with industry regulations, to control counterfeiting and theft, to manage returns and recalls more efficiently, and to gain strategic insight into the extended supply chain.

With ACSIS Track and Visibility Solutions, you can incorporate serialization at any level and connect that data across your supplier ecosystem–from the enterprise to the edge–integrating EPCIS providers and other regulatory and business systems for seamless exchange.

Customer Service and Support

At ACSIS we deliver and stand behind our solutions with a services team of experts reflecting 25+ years’ experience in the industry and a support team that is available 24x7x365. Together their job is to help you succeed in yours.

The ACSIS Services team works with your team to deliver a personalized solution that fits your operating process and is there as your needs evolve.

The ACSIS Customer Support personnel are technical specialists with a deep understanding of our solutions and hardware providing stellar levels of service and support to keep your solution delivering value and improve the solution experience for every customer.

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