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Supply Chain Visibility Leader Joins Reusable Packaging Association and Announces Participation in Pack Expo Event, Las Vegas, September 27-29

ACSIS, Inc., the leader in supply chain visibility cloud solutions, today announced its membership in the Reusable Packaging Association, a not-for-profit professional association that promotes and exchanges ideas, inspiration, and innovation among its members. Its membership consists of manufacturers, distributors, and other specialists involved in creating and innovative packaging solutions, including ACSIS the supply chain visibility leader.

ACSIS uses data sourced from every part of the supply chain to aid in supply chain continuous improvement, support in mitigating supply chain disruptions, and predictive analytics from data gathered from smart packaging and other packaging solutions that can reveal what’s actually happening in the world’s supply chains.

ACSIS is also presenting its solutions at the annual PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, September 27-29 – a face to face event once again. PACK EXPO is the premier event for packaging technology with up to 30,000 attendees pre-pandemic.

PACK EXPO attendees create, deploy, and measure a wide variety of secondary packaging products – pallets, crates, containers, trays, and totes – for diverse industries such as beverage, bakery, and agriculture. ACSIS uses data gathered from these products to create a new level of supply chain visibility where supply chain managers can track, not only where their products and components are at every step, but the location and state of packaging materials, raising the game for supply chain visibility.

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