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Serialization: A Global Challenge or Opportunity?

For global life sciences supply chains, serialized products are not required by global regulations, but serializing them is key. It ensures the integrity of product, the economic management of product throughout its lifecycle – including product authenticity – as well as saleable returns management and anti-diversion. As companies incorporate serialized data into their operations, and real-time traceability of the resulting data, the key question for many is, am I getting a return on my serialization investment? Or is my investment focused only on compliance?

Serialization: A Global Challenge or Opportunity?

Better inventory control

More accurate orders

Rapid and simple returns

Reduced potential for product counterfeiting and diversion

These benefits and more can be realized faster than you think. The data required to drive quantum improvements in your supply chain – the improvements possible with 100% supply chain visibility – are already at your fingertips. Or at least in your business systems, and in the devices that record the movement of product and product components.

No longer will valuable data be held captive, siloed in single purpose compliance systems. With 100% supply chain visibility from ACSIS, the value of that data will be unlocked and available to you in real time, so batch returns and quarantines are lower cost and more precise. And products are managed throughout the extended supply chain.

ACSIS has the best practices and technology – including artificial intelligence and machine learning – to help you tap into the data that your devices, partners, and business systems are regularly generating. Then, you can view and work with that data holistically and use that real-time visibility to transform your supply chain.

ACSIS Point of View on Supply Chain Disruption in the Life Sciences Industry

“ACSIS was able to offer us all of the tracking capabilities we were looking for within a web-based format, making it very easy to get the system up and running and leaving us with very little maintenance.”

Supply Chain
Vice President

Customer Stories

Visibility into Product Usage in the Pharmaceutical Industry

100% Supply Chain
Visibility is Real

With 100% supply chain visibility from ACSIS – a promise we’ve kept with some of the world’s greatest life sciences companies – you’ll track products and product components as they move through Contract Manufacturing Organizations. You’ll meet global compliance requirements with readily available data. And you’ll benefit from predictive analytics as supply chain processes take place in real time.
This is the promise of ACSIS for your life sciences supply chain.


Sustainability: Easier & Bigger than it Looks

Sustainability: Easier & Bigger than it Looks

Everyone wins with sustainability. It improves your supply chains, so they operate more efficiently, and it’s good for our planet as less waste is returned to the environment. But it’s also a win – and a potentially massive one – for your organization’s shareholders.

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