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It’s almost impossible for you to go a day without hearing about intelligent technology or hardware: smart devices, intelligent software, etc. they’re all the rage. Supply Chain Management is no different when it comes to staying on top of the trends and innovation, so we wanted to take you back to basics and share some insights on what the intelligent supply chain looks like, and why it’s time you get on board with it.

Back to basics

The overarching idea behind intelligence is completely focused on new technologies that are revolutionizing industries across the board: machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, etc. are some of the hottest technologies desired by companies that want to remain competitive and grow faster. These tools enable businesses to provide their customers with real-time updates and an unparalleled customer experience.

In terms of intelligence specific to the supply chain, device connectivity, real-time insights of inventory, traceability and accessibility across devices are just a few of the upgrades enterprises want and should have. The Industry 4.0 movement is strong, and there’s a place for Supply Chain 4.0 to have its own moment.

Intelligence at work

To help you understand how intelligence can do a complete overhaul of your current supply chain management, we have some specific examples of how the technologies deploy:

  • When it comes to integrating execution and planning systems, algorithms keep things running smoothly between the systems, and the big data captures priceless insights from all the operations.
  • Machines are truly getting smarter by the day, and that’s all thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here’s a deep-dive from Forbes on how tasks like inspections are getting transformed by machine learning.
  • As companies are going global, it’s critical to leverage IoT technology and systems based on it that allow for omni-channel communication, across devices.

Intelligent and connected

Because intelligence is just one part of the equation, another buzzword that is picking up speed is “connected.” Of course, it’s not just a buzzword, because connectivity is basically a cornerstone of any technology investment today. Whether you’re connecting employees, channels, partners, customers, etc. the point is that every technological advance brings together all sides, closer than ever before.

The ACSIS solution package includes:

  • Intelligent product and asset traceability –¬†helping your business master supply while ensuring a stellar customer experience
  • Intelligent partner connectivity – because an agile supply chain is necessary in this era
  • Intelligent label management – when execution and governance coincide, on-demand access is key

Now that we covered the basics of an intelligent supply chain, are you ready to bring your management practices up to speed? Contact us for more information.