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For years now, we have placed quite a bit of emphasis on Returnable Transport Items (RTI), also known as Returnable Transport Packaging, and for good reason – without a tried and true automated system in place, the consequences of lack of proper documenting and tracking of RTIs can be quite costly to a business in the form of lost inventory, the need to replace transport items more often than planned for, etc. When properly done though, RTI traceability can have a direct impact on the levels of intelligence and optimization your supply chain can reach.

A few years back, we discussed the impact of tacking RTIs on the bottom line of your business, as real-time traceability allows for less instances of stock shrinkage, reduced safety and quality issues, fewer charges for improper maintenance of transport assets, etc. But now, we want to take things a step further.

An unexpected anniversary

On the five-year anniversary of the aforementioned blog post we’ve decided to host a fully informational webinar on how to optimize your supply chain through integrated returnable transport items traceability. This is a key element we have identified as a change maker in our customers’ supply chain management operations, and we firmly believe it can make a difference in businesses across multiple industries, especially those in the chemical, pharma, and food and beverage sectors.

Webinar Details

On Wednesday, February 20th 2019 at 2:00 pm EST, you’ll have a chance to hear directly from our Chief Strategy Officer John DiPalo, as well as Senior Solutions Specialist John Harrison as they go into detail about:

  • The state of current processes and solutions for RTIs
  • Critical issues and challenges for effectively tracking RTIs
  • How next generation solutions deliver ROI

These topics – among other key benefits – will be covered thoroughly and you will also have the chance to ask any questions you may have regarding RTI and the impact it can have on your company’s SCM when properly traced and managed. Your learnings from this webinar are sure to have a direct impact on your company’s enhanced customer experience.

To register to attend this open webinar, please click here.

In case you can’t make it

If you can’t join during the live webinar, continue to the form and fill out your information, as there will be a replay link shared with all those who registered. If you have any questions you’d like to submit in advance, please e-mail us at info@acsisinc.com.