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Raffle tickets are slips of paper that have been serialized with sequential numbers. They’re used to buy a unique chance to win a prize. Ultimately, they’re about converting a dollar or two of cash into hopes and dreams. In the age of the digitally transformed supply chain, serializing is still very much real. But if it’s still your hopes and dreams of what could be done – if you could only track and trace every item in your supply chain – you can stop dreaming.

ACSIS delivers 100% visibility into supply chains by serializing every product and asset that is manufactured and shipped through your extended supply chain. And more. Like packaging materials, consumable supplies, totes and canisters. If you could track everything in your supply chain, the result would be an incredibly rich store of data that can be used as a competitive advantage for your business.

That’s just the beginning. ACSIS makes that data available and visible across your supply chain by pooling the serialized data. It’s no longer locked up in a single system silo, but available from end to end for analysis, prediction, and better informed, real time decision making.

We’ve serialized a lot of things in our day. Pharmaceuticals, gas canisters, baking trays, bundles of wire, polyester film. The intelligence unlocked by our customers through serialization has allowed for delivery of the perfect order virtually every time. Plus, smarter and more efficient product returns and recalls. Spotting trends in product consumption. Ensuring compliance with government regulations and optimal operational efficiency. The possibilities are endless. (And there’s more to ACSIS than serialization, by the way. Just ask us!)

It’s time you took a fresh look at your supply chain and thought about what can be serialized and what possibilities might be unlocked by doing so. If you can imagine it, ACSIS can get it done. Let’s talk about how you can get started on the journey to 100% supply chain visibility.