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Looking for guidance on DSCSA compliance and the benefits of serialization? Then you are in luck. We recently published a white paper (download it here) that explores the value beyond compliance for pharmaceutical companies on the journey from a batch-managed world to a serialized world. The paper combines best practices gleaned from customer interviews, ACSIS serialization implementations and the results of a survey we conducted with Pharmaceutical Commerce.

Those results showed that although companies are looking for a return from their serialization investment, many are struggling on how to get one. Industry experts talk about the significant value that can be gained by using serialization data to understand product flows through the supply chain, but manufacturers are not sure when and where to start.

The DSCSA has not fully defined requirements, which makes it challenging for companies to define a solution. However, if they don’t get started now, they run the risk of rushing to deploy a solution that will handle compliance, but with limited ability to scale. The decisions that companies make today will impact, positively or negatively, their ability to gain business benefits from serialization.

You don’t need to choose between implementing the minimum for compliance and deploying a full end-to-end serialization management solution. You can select a solution that can be easily extended later, as you better understand the value of serialization for your company.

When I am talking with companies about potential solutions, I like to remind them of the three P’s of system selection and implementation:

Pilot becomes Production and Production becomes Permanent.

As you start or continue the journey to a serialized world, think about the decisions you are making now … they are going to be with you for a long time.

P.S. We recently held a webinar with AmerisourceBergen and Excellis Health Solutions, where we discussed key considerations for implementing a serialization solution for your manufacturing warehouse or distribution center. Get the replay here.