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ACSIS is pleased to announce the availability of our Edge Network solution. What exactly is Edge Network? Well, for a number of years now, a group of ACSIS customers have been utilizing a web-based solution that allows them to better manage their outsourced manufacturing and distribution partners for receiving, production and distribution processes. Unlike other collaboration platforms, ACSIS Edge Network also provides partners with real-time access to information and transactional processing capabilities in your ERP system, as well as functionality for label and document printing on demand.

This partner collaboration and integration functionality includes over 20 preconfigured manufacturing and distribution focused transactions that will allow a company to manage all of the tasks associated with manufacturing and distribution processes that are executed by their partners.

With ACSIS Edge Network, partners can connect using the technology that is already available to them. For some, that means using a web portal; for others, it can be EDI messages or web services. This flexibility means that you can onboard partners very quickly and immediately gain the benefits of improved visibility and integration.

With its delivered-out-of-the-box functionality, ease of implementation and quick ROI, Edge Network is a great option for companies looking to gain visibility and control over their outsourced manufacturing and distribution partners without the cost and risk of providing access to their internal systems or the difficulties of maintaining multiple point-to-point connections.

For more information about ACSIS Edge Network, click here or drop us a note at sales@acsisinc.com.

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