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Companies are investing in supply chain visibility at a continuously growing rate in an effort to take their supply chain management to the next level of innovation. The easiest way to describe supply chain visibility and how it optimizes the rest of your operations is that the more you’re able to see at once, the better your decision-making, and the more cost-effective your operations. In supply chain terms: improved forecast accuracy improves fill rates and lowers inventory.

Traceability is key

Being able to track the parts that are in transport to fill an order is critical in order to ensure a timely delivery as well as to prevent excessive or duplicate ordering. The other key benefit is that it gives the customer a full view of the process, so that they’re satisfied with the knowledge of the location of their item. This can also mean a reduced call volume for your customer support team to handle, because the customer will already have all the information at their disposal.

Stock, order, and delivery insights have never been more accurate.

What does visibility do exactly?

Visibility removes all your headaches related to order fulfillment that has to do with part location and transportation. How does it do this? Visibility as related to channels, providers, and communication opens a door to immediate real-time and accurate monitoring, crisis avoidance and problem-solving, and boosted improvements through the supply chain. It’s also worth noting that this is the perfect way to connect supply and demand directly. When properly implemented, supply chain visibility can optimize processes, enhance responsiveness, improve the overall management, decrease costs of materials/parts and resources, and allow for more accurate and better reporting of business outcomes.

How do I improve my SCV?

ACSIS Intelligent Product and Asset Traceability tracks the current location of products and assets at all points in the supply chain. With our cloud-based solution, you can seamlessly exchange data with vendors, partners, customers, suppliers, etc. in real time.

In the end, it’s all about AAA: asset management, automation, and analytics.

Let us help you achieve an optimized visibility scope with our solutions.