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Over the past few years there has been a significant push across almost all industries to outsource “non-core” activities to third parties. Often this means moving traditional manufacturing and distribution activities from company-owned facilities to third parties. In many cases, the shift from insourced to outsourced manufacturing and distribution partners creates unanticipated issues in terms of supply chain visibility and data accuracy. To gain the flexibility of using third parties for tasks that used to done internally and still have real-time or near real-time access to the manufacturing and distribution activities, companies need a collaboration solution for the transfer of information between partners within this new extended manufacturing and distribution network.

The importance of having a flexible platform for data sharing and process execution cannot be overstated. In order to best enable true collaboration between companies and third parties, the chosen solution must be flexible enough to support various levels of integration between partners, from a basic web portal interface through a fully automated solution. Once this platform is in place, companies will be able to improve visibility and leverage the right information to accelerate the movement of materials and finished product through the pipeline, improve customer service, and increase revenues. Other benefits of tighter collaboration with trading partners include increasing the overall speed and accuracy of the supply network, reducing safety stock and inventory levels while improving communications, reducing errors and lowering transactional processing costs.

ACSIS’ PartnerTrak is a supply chain collaboration and visibility solution designed to automate and streamline communication between a network of trading partners. With PartnerTrak, manufacturers and trading partners gain both a larger and more detailed view of their supply chain. See more here.