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With the passing of recent federal legislation the serialization landscape has changed, and the focus of your company may now be on building a solution that will allow you to capture and transmit the lot-level information needed to achieve compliance with the new law. To deliver a flexible solution that will not lock you into just the first step in what will be an evolutionary process, you should keep the follow-on requirements of not only the DQSA in mind, but requirements for other markets when designing your solution for lot-level tracking.

Your challenge will be twofold: to ensure that your data collection processes fully support lot-level as well as current and future serialization requirements (depending on your market) and to ensure that your data can be easily shared with other stakeholders in the supply chain. The key to solving this challenge is to have a central repository for both lot-level data as well as serialized data. Here you can add additional business context data as needed to support not only the current track and trace mandates, but provide your company with valuable product movement data that can be used for improving visibility within your internal and external supply chains.

ACSIS’ Serialization Management solution applies and captures serialization data that provides you with the data needed to achieve compliance with government and industry regulations, including the DQSA. – See more here.