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ACSIS has been an active supporter of the industry association AIM for a long time now. For 50 years AIM has provided our industry and others with leadership, education, standards, and solutions for a wide span of identification technologies, including barcode, biometrics, IoT, NFC, RFID, RTLS, and RAIN.

Our Chief Strategy Officer, John DiPalo, has been our driving force for AIM. He’s actively engaged with members at several levels, including a recent “lunch and learn” webinar series that AIM members turned out for with enthusiasm. So, it wasn’t too surprising when AIM reached out and asked John to join their Board of Directors. But we’re gratified all the same.

At ACSIS, John’s role includes our solution development, from the architecture phase all the way through to implementation and ongoing customer feedback and satisfaction. We have great respect for the tremendous knowledge he’s accumulated on automatic identification technologies, both theoretical and real-world, and we’re proud to say our customers often express the same.

For a recognition like this, we couldn’t resist a press release. You can read it here.

We’ll do our best to share more of what John is working on with the rest of the AIM Board to help standardize and advance ever better solutions that can have a great impact on supply chain visibility.