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You understand the value that visibility into supply chain data can deliver. (If you want some help exploring the possibilities, read through our prior posts – or, better still, drop us a line.) Well, we at ACSIS do as well. We’re committed to making visibility into your supply chain 100%.

But we don’t just mean “your” supply chain.

Every company that manufactures products depends on its partners for raw material, parts, packaging, logistics, distribution, and so much more. In fact, supply chains can be thought of as series of “virtual” chains. It consists of multiple links that you directly manage, together with the links that your partners manage.

By “virtual” in this context, we don’t mean “imaginary.” Your partners’ supply chains are real enough. But how well can you see into them?

Think of the impact for a moment. Do you have the data you need to anticipate potential shortages in materials? Delays in shipping? Or surpluses that can cause storage issues? If your partners are experiencing some of these issues (and they are, you can be sure), chances are excellent that it will affect your own supply chain’s performance.

What if you could have 100% visibility into your entire “virtual” supply chain?

An ACSIS customer, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, told us they were plagued by exactly these problems. Too much value was locked away out of sight.

The solution was simple (for ACSIS, at least). We connected over 125 partners in a multinational supply chain to their ERP system so they could manage their virtual supply chain from end to end. We eliminated the gaps by giving each partner a simple, menu-driven interface – accessible through a browser – that provided the relevant process and product data to our customer. No software apps. No ERP training. Just high quality, real-time data that made their supply chain more efficient. The ACSIS approach made it easy for the partners to engage in the solution, and our customer benefited greatly.

So can you. ACSIS can connect your partners and fulfill the goal of 100% visibility for your entire supply chain.

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