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gartner conference
Yesterday was the first day of the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, where there were several insightful discussions and a couple of key themes. First, supply chain discourse/management has become much more important to companies. Specifically, about 71 percent of companies now have a center of excellence for supply chain operations, highlighting the criticality of this specific corporate focus.The other overarching message from the first day was that “data is king,” and managing that data is the key to success. Quite validly, supply chain professionals are now asking the following questions about data:

  • Do I trust my data?
  • What does the data mean?
  • How can I manage all the new sources of data?

Indeed, the Internet of Things and the interconnected supply chain networks are providing granular data more than ever before, creating an overwhelming wealth of information for professionals. The second keynote of the first day was about the changing demographics of the workplace. The discussion was a great overview of how human capital dynamics are evolving as the next generation enters the workplace. One of the conclusions from the discussion on the first day was that things are inevitably going to transform – people, corporate supply chain strategy, etc. – but we can still harness the energy of the next generation’s corporate leaders and parlay their new ways of thinking and behavior into energizing the company and, as a result, improve the workplace for all.

Stay tuned to the ACSIS blog for more insider highlights from the conference!