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Back in the day, when I was only delivering toys to the kids in Sombertown, it was pretty easy to keep track of where the toys were made and who made them. After all, there were only a few of us and we lived in the town right over the mountain from Sombertown. The only real problem was that cranky old guy that thought he owned the entire mountain – and of course, the Burgermeister Meisterburger and his crazy assistant. We never had to worry about counterfeits, recalls or diversion because we owned the entire supply chain.

Well, now things are different. In order to fulfill worldwide demand, we needed to outsource some of the manufacturing to the South Pole elves, as well as set up multiple distribution centers in Norway, Sweden and a few other secret locations in Canada. As you can imagine, in order to ensure quality and on-time delivery, we need to track everything. We decided that serialization was the key to making sure that everyone on the nice list got the presents they deserved. We now use the S.A.N.T.A. (Serialized – Automated – Nice – TrAcking -) System to certify that all of the gifts that we deliver are genuine. And we are able to optimize the delivery process at the same time! In the past, it took us half the year to reconcile the outbound present distribution, but now it is done in real time. By the time I’m on the next rooftop, we have already updated the attributes of the serial number to track the present to its recipient.

Serialization has changed the way we look at our global supply chain, and we are planning on expanding the program in 2016 to include our new Rudolph Drone Delivery program. Look for a full report on that in next year’s annual North Pole review.

Happy Holidays from Everyone at ACSIS!

– Your Guest Blogger, Santa