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Delivering tamper-proof track and trace capabilities across your supply chain

It started as software-as-a-service, but today the shift to the cloud means businesses everywhere are grappling with a new reality: everything-as-a-service. For the most part, this shift has been positive as businesses refocus their efforts and resources on the customer experience. But in the process, it’s changing how we think about fundamental concepts, particularly privacy and trust.

Whether you’re a B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) organization, customers are asking hard questions not only about how their data is being collected, stored, and used but also about the authenticity of the products they purchase. They want to know that their privacy is being respected as well as the product’s provenance. And in return for their data, customers are expecting a higher level of personalized service.

These trends are changing how businesses think about their supply chains. As the supply networks becomes more complex and more global, guaranteeing the integrity of products and goods has taken center stage. Compliance is no longer a local matter; every geography has its standards. Meanwhile, the number of transactions flowing through the supply chain continues to grow and opportunities for failure proliferate. There is no doubt that information drives today’s economies. Securing data across the supply chain is a first step. But the real engine of change will be securing trust in that data—across an ecosystem of partners and consumers.

How then, can we build a robust and tamper-proof supply chain that provides verified information at speed and at scale? What technologies can enterprises leverage to verify that the data they depend on is dependable and trustworthy? Blockchain offers new ways for enterprises to mitigate operational risk across complex and non-integrated supply chains, but anchoring data on a public blockchain continues to be a costly endeavor.

To learn more about this topic, stay tuned for our upcoming blog series exploring how new data verification technologies can work with track and trace solutions to verify the authenticity of any digital asset at massive scale to leverage blockchain across the supply chain network.