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Every year, SAP dedicates focused attention to the Chemicals Industry at the Best Practices for Chemicals Conference they host in Houston, Texas. This event is packed with great information, stellar networking opportunities, and sharing of best practices from the industry’s top performers globally, who share their expertise on various processes within the supply chain. This year, we were honored to join the conference as a Silver Sponsor, showing our commitment to the SAP ecosystem as well as staying on top of new trends and disruptors for companies in the chemical sector.

Axis of attention

During the conference, we had the opportunity to make connections with other wonderful SAP partners who specialize in other areas of operations for chemical enterprises, but the best part was our customer interaction. Attending these conferences offers a unique opportunity to make ourselves available to the customer crowd who may be searching for information that will help them decide on a channel optimization investment, and it’s an open setting for them to ask us any questions they have or to even establish a relationship right off the bat if they’re ready.

Our ACSIS executives chatting with customers at the Best Practices for Chemicals Conference in Houston, Texas

This year’s conversation centered around the Intelligent Enterprise and its specific offering for the Chemicals Industry, which is without a doubt the hot topic in everyone’s radar. The Intelligent Enterprise sounds like an abstract futuristic concept to many, but in reality it’s a present-time asset that many companies around the world are already putting to use. Having technologies like Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more, provide today’s companies with the key to sustainability, competitiveness, and survival in a cut-throat economy, especially when thinking long-term.

Name-dropping: The Intelligent Enterprise

Stefan Guertzgen, Global Senior Director for Industry Solution Marketing and Communications for Chemicals at SAP listed the highlights of the event in this #BP4Chem summary. The write-up contains more on the Intelligent Enterprise, and all of the focus areas for best practices for the entire SAP ecosystem, including highlighting women in the chemicals industry.

If you have any questions about the Intelligent Enterprise and how it can impact your supply chain operations with solutions catered to your needs as a chemicals company, please contact us.