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High Stakes: 100% Chemical Supply Chain Visibility

Proactive management of supply chains in real time is mission critical for specialty chemical companies. Today’s supply chains are particularly complex, due to third-party tollers and other value-added partners who comprise key portions of extended supply chains. And, as we’ve seen all too often, there are visibility challenges that magnify interruptions along the supply chain. With such potential challenges, specialty chemical manufacturers have much to gain from supply chain visibility and optimization.

ACSIS believes, from raw material to delivered product, your chemical supply chain can realize 100% real-time visibility, creating a host of new optimization opportunities and placing your company on much more secure footing for dealing with unplanned and inevitable disruptions.

You Can Stop Searching Now

When your product returns can consist of especially large, heavy items (your auto parts supply chains are brimming with them), nothing will happen without adequate transport items in the right place when they’re needed. Do you know where every one of them is? Their precise locations and the means of transporting them to where they’re really needed? ACSIS can ensure you’ll know where your transport items are 100% of the time.

With ACSIS providing track and trace capability in your supply chain, we won’t overlook your racks and totes. We’ll track them, just like we can your auto parts, in real time. And we’ll do it effortlessly, by tapping into a centralized pool of data that ACSIS creates where real-time location and status information is captured on every serializable item in your supply chain.

100% Supply Chain Visibility is Real

ACSIS has more experience with supply chain track and trace than just about any other company. We’ve helped our customers track their gas canisters and bakery trays. And we want to help you track racks and totes and every other serialized item, so you can keep your supply chain moving (and returning) with peak efficiency.

This is the promise of ACSIS for your auto parts supply chain.


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